Ultrasounds on Pregnant GirlIf your pregnancy test showed positive results having an ultrasound exam will be the only sure way to find out if you are pregnant or not. Using sound waves an ultrasound can detect the gestational sac at 4.5 weeks, a measurement of the embryo can be taken at 5.5 weeks and at six-weeks a heartbeat can be detected (which means it is a viable pregnancy).

If you are considering an abortion, having an ultrasound exam is very important.

It is reported that 31% of all pregnancies end naturally in a miscarriage. Even though a pregnancy test can display positive results the fertilized egg may not implant correctly or the uterus may reject the embryo.

Life Choices performs limited obstetric ultrasounds between 7 to 13 weeks of the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP). The best way to confirm gestational age and viability of your baby is though an ultrasound exam.

Through a limited obstetric ultrasound exam the following will be determined:

  • Is the pregnancy located where it should be (in the uterus and not in the tube)
  • Determine approximately how far along you are
  • Show fetal cardiac activity
  • If the pregnancy is progressing normally.

You are welcome to bring a friend, boyfriend and/or family member to your ultrasound appointment.

Our trained ultrasound technicians will provide you with a free, confidential ultrasound, where you will be able to view the image of your baby and receive accurate information to help you make a decision that best fits your own situation.

The first step towards scheduling an ultrasound appointment is to take a urine-based pregnancy test. You may either call for an appointment or walk in to receive a pregnancy test at our center.

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