Pregnancy Counseling Services

Pregnancy Counseling Services for Women

Life Choices offers pregnancy counseling services for womenSo you might be pregnant. What are your choices and what are the risks associated with those choices? You may be feeling overwhelmed right now. It’s important not to make a quick decision, a good choice takes time. Allow yourself the time to learn all the facts and consider your options in a safe environment from an organization that won’t profit from your decision.

We are here to listen to your thoughts, fears, feelings, questions and concerns. Everything you share during your visit is completely confidential. Don’t allow anyone to rush you in the decision-making process. We are here to provide accurate information on parenting, adoption, and abortion to help you make an informed decision.

Whatever choice you make is one you will have to life with, at Life Choices we want to equip you to make a decision you will be proud of today, tomorrow and forever.

Call or text us today to set up an appointment, come by as a walk-in, or contact us by email.

Pregnancy Counseling Services for Men

Life Choices offers pregnancy counseling services for men.

Male counselors are available to talk over any concerns you may have about her unplanned pregnancy.
(Male counseling available by appointment only.)

Would you like to talk with someone?
You have choices too.

Your girlfriend, wife or partner has just found out that she is pregnant or thinks she might be pregnant. What are your options? How will this news change the course of your life? These are big questions, which may require difficult decisions and its important to know you have choices too. At Life Choices we have male counselors, on-call, available to talk with you about your questions, concerns and fears. You will be given accurate and complete information regarding all your options so you can make the best decision for your situation.

Allow yourself the time needed to consider the options before you decide and come in as often as you need to properly weigh all the challenges a pregnancy can bring.

Please call or text us today to set up an appointment or contact us by email.

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