Parenting Support

Earn While You Learn and Baby Boutique

  • Parenting Support - Baby BoutiqueDo you have questions about prenatal and newborn care?
  • Are you on a limited income and are not sure how you will afford baby clothes, items, etc.?
  • Are you a new mom with no prior baby experience?
  • Is your family far away and you’d like to talk with someone about your pregnancy?
  • Does your toddler have you spinning in circles?

The Earn While You Learn program at Life Choices is here to help. There are 75 topics ranging from Prenatal Care to How To Raise A Happy Toddler. Most lessons are DVD based where you pick out the topic best suited to your need, and while watching the DVD in a private room, you will fill out a worksheet and then discuss what you’ve watched with a counselor. Upon completion of the lesson you will earn baby bucks to use towards items in our Baby Boutique.

In the baby boutique you may find clothes, formula, diapers, wipes, toys, car seats, and other misc. furniture. All the items in the boutique are generously donated from private donors in the community. As a result we cannot guarantee any items on a regular basis. Baby boutique items range in age from newborn to 3 years old.

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Parenting Classes

Parenting Support - Woman with DaughterEvery child is unique and requires his/her own parenting style. There are 50 parenting lessons available at the Life Choices center designed to give you advice, tips and tricks to assist you in disciplining and encouraging your child to be the best he/she can be as they grow. The lessons range from 5-18 years old and upon completion you will earn baby bucks to spend in the baby boutique if you have a child, aged newborn to 3 years old.

It is suggested that you plan to spend an hour for each Earn While You Learn visit.

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